The Era Of Crush! πŸ˜‚

This is the post excerpt.

Nowadays, crush has turned out to be a more popular feeling than being in a serious relationship. What might be the reason for this drastic change?! Obviously, it’s nothing but the increase in number of youths. It is in teenage where we wish to do many things in our life. It is this same teenage that brings different colours of feelings to our heart.

“Crush” is not a thing to be carried away. It happens for a while and last until we find next one. Haha! Weird, right?!

Even, I have a big list of my crushes that sometimes I get confused with the order of their names.  Many a times, I thought of appointing a personal secretary for managing all these stuffs! 

Crushes can happen anywhere anytime on anyone πŸ˜‚Its not the external beauty of the person that determines our feelings. It could be his/her behav or their abilities.

Everytime, I end up in the ability of a person which in most cases is dance. I dont know why  dancing persons always drags my attention towards them. What is there in dancing dudes?! Oops! Sorry for the mistake! “What is there in a person who dances with a smile”?! 

I always end up in failure 😁 I never let my crush know that I had a crush on them cuz I know that it would never last long. So I used to keep my mouth shut 😷

Feeling is worse when we came to know that our crush is in a serious relationship with someone! This is what happens to me all the time! 😁